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Inpatient Services

How long do most patients stay here?

Lengths of stay are individually determined. In general, the average length of stay is usually:  7-9 days for adults, 7-10 days for adolescents and 10-14 days for children.

Who Is the Treatment Team?

The multidisciplinary treatment team may consist of psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, registered nurses, psychologists, psychiatric social workers and counselors, activities therapists, treatment coordinators and mental health workers. These professionals, in collaboration with the patients, develop treatment plans focused on each person’s individual needs.

Will I be put on medications?

It is possible that you will benefit from taking medication during and after your treatment at Four Winds. The prescriber recommending medication for you will discuss the possible benefits, side effects and any other questions that you may have regarding your medication(s). A patient education/information flyer is available for all medications prescribed at Four Winds. You or a parent/guardian (for minors) will be required to give consent prior to receiving any medications.

What items should I bring with me and what should be left at home, for my stay at Four Winds Saratoga?

If you are scheduled for an inpatient stay, or if you are a family member inquiring about items that can or can not be brought onto the unit, here is a list of items that you can and can not bring.

What is my family’s role in my treatment?

Four Winds Saratoga strives to involve the entire family in the patient’s treatment whenever possible. Family participation is an integral component to our multi-modal treatment approach.

When Can My Family Visit?

Visiting is encouraged during each inpatient unit's visiting hours. You will receive a schedule of unit visiting hours upon admission. Alternate visiting arrangements can be made with the therapist or nurse manager.

Please note: All visitors must have a visitor badge to be permitted access to an inpatient unit.  Visitors need to stop in the Woodlawn building to obtain a visitor’s pass from the operator/receptionist.  A form of personal identification (driver’s license, photo ID; credit card etc.) will need to be provided to obtain a visitor badge. The badge needs to be worn at all times while on hospital grounds, and it is required to enter inpatient buildings. Visitors are required to sign in and out of the unit on the visitor logbook, which is located at the nursing station. Prior to visiting, please review the complete list of Visitor Guidelines.

Are there telephones for patient use?

Telephones are provided on each unit for patient use. Telephone times vary on each unit. Please refer to the unit guidelines for more information.

Can I secure my money/valuables while I am here?

Patients are requested not to bring valuable items to the hospital.

Can I receive or send mail?

Patients may send mail but must provide their own postage. Patients can also receive mail. Mail can be addressed to you in this way:

Your Name
C/O Four Winds Saratoga
Name of the unit that you are on.
30 Crescent Avenue
Saratoga Springs, New York 12866

Where do I eat my meals?

All patients are expected to eat their meals in the dining hall unless otherwise specified in the treatment plan.

Will anyone find out that I am here?

Each patient has the right, within the law, to personal privacy and privacy of information. Patient information is discreetly shared within the treatment team. Written consent is required prior to having information shared with other individuals, including insurance companies, schools and outside therapists. To ensure this comfort for everyone, and to enhance the healing process, we ask that you, your family members, friends and visitors hold the same level of confidentiality as is required by our staff. We ask patients, family, friends and visitors not to disclose information, stories or names to anyone outside of the hospital.

How is my healthcare information protected?

When it comes to your health information, you have certain rights.  For certain types of disclosures of information in your medical record at a psychiatric hospital, New York State Law may be more stringent than federal laws. This notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information.  Please review this document carefully.

Will I go to school?/What is the Learning Center?

Our school, the Teaching and Learning Center (T.L.C.), is located on the hospital grounds and is staffed by certified, master’s level and/or special education teachers. Each child and adolescent participating in a Four Winds inpatient treatment program is tutored each school day.  With written permission, we coordinate academic programming with the student's school in order to ensure an educational continuum.

Are Pastoral Services Available?

Four Winds Saratoga Pastoral Care Department is available for patients who wish to address religious or spiritual concerns. Catholic, Jewish and Protestant Chaplains are on call and can be reached through the staff on the units. The chaplains are also available to meet with the patients’ family members. Patients are also entitled to see other spiritual advisors of their choice, such as a parish priest or minister. Visits may be scheduled through the unit staff. Patients, through the unit staff, may contact Rabbi Jonathan Rubenstein, Director of Pastoral Care, for information.

What If I Have a Complaint?

A complaint can be made in any form - verbal, phone, or written to any staff person who is obligated to report it to our Quality Improvement department. The Four Winds Saratoga Complaint Form is available hospital-wide for the documentation of complaints.

Information for Family Members


How do you maintain confidentiality?

Four Winds has a strict policy regarding confidentiality among staff and patients. Patients, family, friends and staff must not reveal information, stories or names of any patient to anyone outside of the hospital (without permission). It is important that patients and their families feel comfortable being here and disclosing information during treatment. To insure this comfort we ask that all patients and their family members hold the same level of confidentiality. To maintain confidentiality, no cameras, tape/voice recorders, video cameras or cell phones with recording devices may be brought to the hospital by patients. Neither patients nor visitors may take pictures on the grounds.

How do I obtain information about my family member in the hospital?

The Four Winds treatment team believes that it is important to have a family member involved in the treatment of patients and strongly encourages active involvement of families. Information regarding children and adolescents may be shared with parents, legal guardians or a person who has custody of the child pursuant to a Family Court order. In situations where there are issues relating to custody we will request a copy of written documentation for clarification.

Patients who are 18 years of age and above have the right to decide who can or cannot receive information about their condition. Sometimes their decision can mean that we do not have permission to talk to you even if you are a spouse, a parent (of an 18+ year old) or a child of one of our adult patients. We strongly encourage patients to discuss this with family members so all involved with the patient’s treatment are aware of any concerns with family involvement. During the admission process, or at any point during the hospital stay, you may ask your family member to sign a release so that we have permission to speak with you. Early in treatment each patient will be assigned a therapist, nurse and psychiatrist. If we have permission, any of those individuals will be able to discuss your family member’s treatment. If you are calling on the phone, we may ask questions to ensure that you, the caller, are a family member. If you have additional concerns or questions about this, please ask the therapist, nurse manager or the program director.

We Are Here To Help

Four Winds Saratoga is open and accepting referrals for Inpatient Psychiatric Services for Children, Adolescents and Adults. Our Outpatient Programs (PHP, IOP, AIOP and Child and Adolescent Outpatient Psychiatry) are also open and operating on a virtual platform.

We have implemented measures for the protection of those on our campus in response to the Covid-19 crisis. We are following the daily guidelines provided by the CDC and NYS DOH, as well as our own protocols. For more information, please read this letter from our CEO.

Let us know how we can help. Admissions can be contacted 24 hours a day/7 days a week at 1-800-959-1287.


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