Outpatient Psychological Assessment

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The Reasons For Psychological Testing Include:

  • To clarify diagnoses (e.g., ADHD, learning disability, dementia, mood disorder, anxiety disorder, and psychosis).
  • To provide information about intellectual ability and cognitive functioning.
  • To identify neuropsychological problems (e.g., problems in attention, information processing, executive functioning, and memory).
  • To better understand emotional functioning and personality.
  • To understand the causes of serious conduct or behavior
  • To inform decisions regarding treatment (e.g., psychotherapy
    versus medication, residential versus outpatient treatment).
  • To estimate risk for specific kinds of problematic behaviors
    (e.g., suicide and self-injury, assault, and substance abuse).
  • To assist in educational placement and planning.

Psychological testing is a standardized, scientifically validated and reliable method for measuring psychological characteristics, assigning diagnoses, predicting behaviors, and matching people to treatment plans, educational programs, and other kinds of interventions. Within the field of mental health/psychiatry, it is the only technology other than conversation (i.e., interviews, therapy sessions, mental status exams, etc.) for assessing these issues. Over the past 20 years the Psychological Assessment Service (PAS) at Four Winds Hospital has conducted more than 10,000 such tests of children as young as five, adolescents, adults, and geriatrics. We are able to provide intellectual, neuropsychological, educational, personality, and psychodiagnostic testing to these age groups.

A typical comprehensive psychological assessment would include:

An age-appropriate assessment of intellectual abilities and neuropsychological functioning. This would include:

  • IQ testing
  • Memory testing
  • Assessment of language processes
  • Assessment of non-verbal reasoning
  • Assessment of information processing
  • Measures of attention, working memory, and executive control
  • Screening of basic sensory-motor processes
  • An age-appropriate assessment of basic academic skills
  • Assessment of basic personality traits and styles, including:
    -Emotional controls and temperament
    -Impulse control and judgment
    -Defenses and coping style
    -Reality testing
    -Self-esteem and self-image
    -Introversion, extraversion, and general orientation toward the interpersonal world
  • Assessment of a range of psychiatric and behavioral problems, including:
    -Psychotic disorders
    -Mood disorders (e.g., bipolar disorder, major depression)
    -Anxiety disorders (e.g., phobias, OCD, PTSD, social anxiety)
    -Somatoform disorders
    -Trauma-related symptoms (e.g., PTSD, dissociative symptoms)
    -Substance-use disorders
    -Suicide potential
    -Potential for aggressive behavior

 A comprehensive outpatient assessment typically involves:

  • An interview to clarify the presenting problems, review the relevant history, and discuss concerns regarding the testing process
  • Review of relevant records
  • 6 to 12 hours of face-to-face testing, usually conducted over one to two days
  • Rating scales completed by parents, teachers, or other relevant observers
  • Preparation of a written report that includes: a summary of the test findings; appropriate recommendations regarding academic needs, clinical treatment, and other relevant issues; and an appendix of scores from all of the tests
  • A meeting to present the written report, discuss the findings, and review the recommendations
  • Additional consultation as needed with relevant parties (e.g., referring clinicians, schools, CSE)

 Please see David Pogge's Psychological Assessment Brochure

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