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Use the Force, Luke! Managing Number One, First & Staying Motivated to Make a Difference

Charlie Appelstein, MSW 
Appelstein Training Resources; Author of three critically acclaimed books on youth care

Working day after day with kids struggling with emotional and behavioral challenges elicits difficult feelings that can compromise a professional’s performance. This presentation examines the major triggers and provides strategies for self-management that keep enthusiasm alive. Focal points include: how to respond instead of react when personalizing difficult interactions, the need to check personal baggage at the door, the pivotal role of support and how to “Do your job” when it is lacking, understanding and mitigating staff “splitting” and staying cohesive, and a new, uplifting definition for success in working with at-risk populations. Attending this continuing education activity, participants will be able to:
• Describe the major principles of a strength-based approach to working with at-risk children and youth.
• Discuss the importance of personal self-awareness and self-management in working with at-risk children, youth, and families.
• Cite specific strength-based verbal interventions that help professionals engage and motivate at-risk children, youth, and families.
• Develop individualized behavioral support strategies that help children learn to self-manage.
• Discuss innovative strategies for enhancing self-esteem in at-risk youth.
• Describe at least two specific cognitive-behavioral techniques that can help at-risk children, youth, and their parents to better self-manage their actions.

Fee: $25, payable to Four Winds Hospital. 1.5 NY State Social Worker, Mental Health Counselor and CAT CEUs, 1.5 CASAC Section 2 criteria and CPP/CPS Section 1 criteria clock hours, 1.5 CME credits pending.

Please include your credentials and license number when registering if seeking credits

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