The Learning Center

Four Winds Westchester

Given appropriate teaching methodologies and materials, all children are able to learn. This is the philosophy at The Learning Center, the psychoeducational school located on the grounds of the hospital. Staffed by master’s-level and special education teachers, each child and adolescent participating in a Four Winds inpatient treatment program, or in a Four Winds outpatient partial hospitalization program, is tutored daily.

Individualized or small group instruction is conducted in self-contained classrooms. With written permission, regular contact with the in-home teacher, the home-district teacher, guidance counselor and school administrators ensures an educational continuum. Subject matter closely follows the current school syllabus from the patient’s home district, and is specifically tailored to the individual academic level of the student.

The Learning Center at Four Winds is designed to provide an educational component as part of the individual treatment plan for those patients in need of academics, as required by law. School involvement during psychiatric treatment helps to provide part of the student’s normal daily routine and aids in continuing educational growth. Each classroom is equipped with a computer, and instruction includes computer-training classes. A science lab ensures practical learning as part of the curriculum.

Children and adolescents are able to complete local exams while being treated at Four Winds. Regents examinations are administered in accordance with New York State Education Department regulations.

At discharge, The Learning Center instructor will prepare a final written report notifying the home-school district of all pertinent information regarding that student, including recommendations for continued successful learning.

To Make a Referral, Call:
1-914-763-8151 or 1-800-528-6624
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

To Make
A Referral, call:
1-914-763-8151 or
24 Hours A Day,
7 Days A Week

For more information about The Learning Center, please call 1-800-528-6624